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The goal of this glossary is that teams share a common understanding of the terms used.

Common Terms

Continuous Delivery CD -The continuous delivery of the app into the stores or other platforms
Continuous IntegrationCI -The continuous building and testing of the app
End-to-End tests E2E -Testing the app on real devices by running automated scripts
Smoke tests - -Manual tests performed by a single person without strict guidelines
App Store - -The store for iOS devices
Play Store - -The store for Android devices

Team specific terms

Because of historical reasons there can be differences between terms.

Kommunen Team

--VorlageDie Bereitstellung von existierenden Inhalten als Grundlage im Redaktionssystem
--Geschlossener BereichInstanz in unserem Redaktionssystem
--Integreat-AppMobile App und Webseite
--KommuneGemeinde, Stadt oder Landkreis
--Live-InhalteFunktion um Inhalte aus einer anderen Integreat-App zu spiegeln
--Push-BenachrichtigungenNachrichten, die die Integreat-Verwalter*innen an die Nutzer*innen der App verschicken
--PDF-FunktionDie Möglichkeit Inhalte der App als PDF-Datei zu generieren
--RedaktionssystemDas Integreat-CMS-System
--Online-DokumentationBezeichnung für unser Integreat-Wiki gegenüber Kunden/Kommunen
-WPMLÜbersetzungsmanagementVerwaltung von Sprachen und Übersetzungen
--VeranstaltungenTermine und Veranstaltungen in der Integreat-App

Promo Team


Wordpress CMS Team


App Team

FastlaneFL-Tool for compiling android and iOS apps
Offers-AngeboteExternal services which are integrated or linked by our platform
Extras-ExtrasSame as App Team - Offers
Offer-InseratAn ad for a flat in the „Wohnen“ offer
Category-KategorieSame as CMS Team - Page
City-OrtAll content in our app is owned by different entities. Usually these entities are cities.
Local News-Lokale NachrichtenNews which have been sent by a city
Local Information-Lokale InformationenThe content which gets written by cities
Event-VeranstaltungSame as CMS Team - Event
tünews--News which are retrivied from
Push notification-Push-BenachrichtigungThe UI element which gets shown when new Local News arrives
POI-VeranstaltungSame as CMS Team - POI
Dashboard-DashboardThe main view of the app which allows you to reach every other feature
Intro Slides--The explainatory screens which are shown to the user when the app is started for the first time
Build Config--A set of Build Config Options specifying how the app should be build. Examples for build configs are integreat, integreat-test-cms and malte.
Build Config Option--Property of the Build Config specifying an aspect of how the app should be build, e.g. app name, theme, cms url.
Feature Flags--A build config option specifying whether features are enabled/accessible from the UI. If a feature flag is set to false, the corresponding feature (e.g. POIs) should not be accessible from the UI.
FL Metadata--FIXME
Production Environment/Build--FIXME
Development Environment/Build--FIXME
Java Keystore JKS -Keystore for Android which contains multiple keys
Release Notes--FIXME


Termin--Same as CMS Team - Event

Django CMS

User management

Superuser/Superadmin-Super-AdministratorUser with unrestricted access to all backend functionality, including the Django Admin backend. Only developers should be granted this role.
Staff-Integreat-MitarbeiterStaff members of Integreat with access to multiple regions and access to administrative functionality. These users should handle all organizational tasks and should be able to manage regions, languages and other users.
Region User-z.B. VerwalterThese users are external collaborators who manage the content of a single region. Typically these are officials of an administrative division responsible for informing newcomers in their region.

Content Types

Page-SeiteA Page contains (more or less static) information about a specific topic.
Imprint-ImpressumExactly one special page per region which contains the imprint/disclaimer.
Event-VeranstaltungAn Event contains information about time, location and purpose of an event.
Point of InterestPOIPOIA POI contains information about interesting places including address and coordinates.


Slug--Unique identifier consisting from only alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores.
Dashboard--Start page for all users with tiles which give an overview over most important topics
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