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Onboarding Task

The following short tutorial should help you with your first task in the Integreat project. Your contacts in the Integreat-App-Team are and


  • Follow the guide for the basic project setup in the
    • Use a trial license for IntelliJ if you do not have a license.
    • If you don't want to use IntelliJ, any other IDE is fine as well of course.
  • Make sure to have an account at:
  • If you encounter unknown terms check the glossary

Preparing for your task

Open the link we provided you which will lead you to our Issue Tracker. Read the issue carefully! Take a look at the:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Comments
  • Components
  • Links to other issues (if there are any then look over them briefly too)

You do not need an account just yet. The app team will make sure that the status of the issue is correct. If you have any questions about the issue do not hesitate to let us know.


If you are sure about the goal of the task you can start to implement:

Now you can start to do the changes and create small and isolated commits. Each commit message must have the format „IGAPP-ticket_id: your_message“. If you have any questions while implementing contact a member of the Integreat-App-Team.

As soon as you are done with your implementation you should check the DoD (Definition of Done):

* Acceptance Criteria are done

* The bug no longer happens on the specified Environment
* Release notes have been added for user visible changes:
* Pull Request was opened on[GitHub]
* Smoke testing has been done on the relevant platforms:
** iOS
** Android
** Chrome
* Checks run without error:
** Linting: `yarn lint`
** Flow: `yarn flow:check-now`
** Unit-tests: `yarn test`

Finally create a PR (Pull Request) at The format of the name of the PR should be „IGAPP-ticket_id: ticket_title“. The form to create the PR should look similar to the following screenshot:


Notify the app team about the created PR. At least one member of the app team wil review the PR. Each conversation can be resolved either by you or the creator of the conversation. This usually depends on the severity of the comment. For example if the comment was about indentation or a typo then you can just resolve the conversation.

If you have enough reviews and the conversations are resolved then you can press the merge button in the PR. If the merging is blocked because of CI checks then you can login at CircleCI via Github and view the logs.


Congrats on finishing your first task! Lastly just message your app team contact that you are finished.

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